Optical Drawing


The drawings use a ‘cross hatching’ technique in an attempt to create works that are of an ‘op art’ quality. Layers are created by overlapping sections of the cross hatchings on top of eachother as well as creating other layers using coloured in sections of the paper beneath.

A vareity of images are produced, mostly images appear through chance; as the images build up the artist allows the drawing to become hermetical and sometimes particular forms appear.

Different coloured inks and a variety of surfaces are employed for the collection. For some of the drawings, the inks are applied directly to the paper, for others the method of ‘collage’ is used, allowing the process to mimic a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ that is actioned through chance, and has associations with a relaxing leisure activity allowing the procurement of the works to reminise with a sense of comforting and familiar sensations of a past time.