Using minature found objects and collaging these within old postcards, I attempt to provide to the viewer a further and deeper sense of ‘elsewhere’.

Inspired by artist Mark Tobey who studied the mystery of light – ' what art will ever be if man finds fundamental values as lasting structures'. Tobey sourced his inspirations from the deepest abstractions in nature.

I have attempted to locate the abstract in the landscapes, to deepen and illumine a sense of place; by penetrating the dimensions with minature ephemeral objects, the images act as vehicles for an imagined journey.

Poet George Willis wrote ‘Landscape plotted and pierced – fold fallow and plough, and all trades, their gear and tackle and trim. All things counter, spare strange’.

My concern is that in fabricating these ‘elsewheres’, there could be found a paradox. The viewer could recognize the ‘impermanence of nature’ as well as realising the desire to be an eternal witness to such; regardless of the effects of time.

The postcards work as 2 dimensional and free standing sculptures.